About Us

The business world is in constant flux and flooded with information of varying levels of trustworthiness.

Never before has communication through targeted and reliable channels been so important. milestone GRP’s Global Investor’s Guides were born out of this new reality and the dual needs it creates. The need of proactive governments, industries and companies to have their voices heard clearly. And that of international business leaders to get clear, in-depth coverage and information directly from the sources on the ground.

As such, we have established three priorities for our publications:

We have delivered this with our past publications and we see those successes only as a base to rise from.


Tim Penketh is milestone GRP’s Director. With an academic background in International Relations and a solid track record of leading successful investment reporting features in countries in regions around the world, he brings experience and know-how to guide every project milestone GRP undertakes.

The Team

The milestone GRP team is made up of a hand-picked group of dedicated individuals, each with years of experience on the field and a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. We have all been directly involved in the production of many successful country investment publications covering economies around the globe. Our decades of combined experience give us a clear understanding of our product’s potential and how best to realize it for our clients’ and readers’ benefit.

Our Mission

To produce top-quality investment publications that provide readers with in-depth coverage of a profiled country or industry, highlighting its key public and private players and the business and investment opportunities it offers. To do so ethically without compromising the quality of our product, our values and integrity, and our obligations towards our clients and partners.

Our Vision

We maintain a strong focus on the long term. We know that real benefits – for us and for our partners - come from maintaining solid professional and personal relationships with the people we center our business around. This relationship-focused approach sets the groundwork for repeat business - the ultimate unspoken sign of approval, and our main long-term goal.