Western Canada Oil & Gas 2016 — Industry Roadmap Event

“What’s Next for Western Canada’s Oil & Gas Industry?”

With 23 expert speakers, more than 220 organizations represented and over 400 attendees gathered to analyze and discuss the future of Western Canada’s oil and gas industry, the inaugural event in Milestone GRP’s Industry Roadmap series was an acclaimed success. Held in Calgary on February 29th 2016, the conference focused on identifying the regional, national and international challenges the Western Canadian energy industry faces, and what must be done to address them in the current context.

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VIP Keynotes

Keynotes were given by Marie-José Nadeau, Chair of the World Energy Council and Perrin Beatty, President & CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Mrs Nadeau’s address highlighted the new reality emerging from low-costs energy producers’ fight for market share, the global energy industry’s transition to a low-carbon operating environment, the effect of technology empowering consumers to produce energy and manage its consumption locally, and how these forces are impacting the global energy sector.

Mr Beatty’s speech emphasized the financial and social impacts being felt across Canada due to the ‘interesting times’ Canadians are living through due to the fall in the oil price. He stressed the need for pan-Canadian cohesion on the issue of pipeline construction that would benefit all provinces and fulfill Canada’s commitment to equal opportunity for commerce for all regions.

The Global Energy Transition
  • Marie-José Nadeau Chair of the World Energy Council Bio
Pipeline Politics and the Curse of Interesting Times
  • Perrin Beatty President & CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Bio

Government Addresses

Government of Alberta
  • The Honourable Margaret McCuaig-Boyd Minister of Energy Bio
Government of Quebec
  • The Honourable Pierre Arcand Minister of Energy Bio

Expert Panels

The day’s panels explored the challenges and opportunities shaping Western Canada’s oil and gas sector, and the panelists’ and attendees’ views on what is needed to resolve these issues to enable the industry to sustainably progress through and beyond the current crisis. The panels were composed of industry CEOs, the sector’s key associations, environmentalists, First Nations representatives, academics, investors, consultants and other experts. The four sessions focused on innovation and productivity, environmental leadership, market access and nation-building, and investment attraction.

Panel 1: Innovation & Productivity
  • Lance Mortlock Partner – Advisory Services at EY Bio
  • John Gorman Area Vice-President of Halliburton Canada Bio
  • Todd Parker President & CEO of Blue Spark Energy Bio
  • Tony Balasubramanian Partner at MNP LLP Bio
  • James Cleland Global General Manager of the Heavy Oil Solutions Group at GE Power and Water Bio
Panel 2: Environmental Leadership
  • Dr Harrie Vredenburg Professor and Suncor Energy Chair in Competitive Strategy and Sustainable Development at The Haskayne School of Business Bio
  • Ed Whittingham Executive Director of the Pembina Institute Bio
  • Gordon Lambert Chairman of Carbon Management Canada Research Institutes Bio
  • Pat Carlson CEO of Seven Generations Energy Bio
  • Audrey Mascarenhas President & CEO of Questor Technology Bio
Panel 3: Market Access & Nation-Building
  • Deborah Yedlin Business Columnist at the Calgary Herald Bio
  • Tim McMillan President & CEO of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) Bio
  • Chris Bloomer President & CEO of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) Bio
  • Blaine Favel Chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan, Former Chief of the Poundmaker Cree Nation & Former Grand Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Bio
  • John Soini President of Energy East at TransCanada Bio
  • Pierre Arcand Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Government of Québec (via video) Bio
Panel 4: Investment Attraction
  • Glenn Kalyniuk Managing Director & Head of Energy at ATB Financial Bio
  • Avik Dey Head of Natural Resources at the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) Bio
  • Michele Robitaille Managing Director of Guardian Capital Bio
  • Neville Jugnauth Partner at Torys LLP Bio
  • Michael Christopher CIO of ARM Energy Bio


“Directly relevant to addressing the challenges facing the industry today; candid, fast-paced and action oriented; and with many of the right people in the room – the Milestone GRP ‘Industry Roadmap’ event was time well invested.”

Barry Munro
Canadian Oil & Gas Leader at EY


A non-exhaustive list of media interviews and videos generated at the event and featuring the event’s speakers.

CBC News

“Energy Industry Needs to Start Adapting to Decarbonized World” Interview with Industry Roadmap keynote speaker Marie-José Nadeau on the need for companies to innovate to increase productivity and improve environmental performance. (Video & Text)
Watch here
“First Nations Hold Bargaining Power in Pipeline Decisions” Interview with Industry Roadmap speaker Blaine Favel on the importance of involving First Nations in any discussion and solution to the Canadian oil and gas industry’s pipeline challenges. (Video & Text)
Watch here

Calgary Herald

“Experts to Address 'What's Next?' for Canada's Oil and Gas Industry” Article on the event’s importance and timeliness in addressing the challenges the oil and gas industry faces during its worst downturn in decades.
Read here
“Despite Downturn, Now's the Time to Act on Climate Challenges” Article on the importance of innovation and environmental leadership through the industry’s ongoing downturn.
Read here


“CEPA Message to PM: We need pipelines” Interview with Industry Roadmap speaker Chris Bloomer on the need for a unified and inclusive national dialogue on pipelines and the Government’s responsibility to get all interested parties involved in such a discussion and set clear policies on pipelines. (Video)
Watch here

Daily Oil Bulletin

“Canadian Chamber Of Commerce CEO Calls On Ottawa To Set Clear Policy On Pipelines” Article based on comments by Industry Roadmap keynote speaker Perrin Beatty on the need for Canada’s Federal Government to lead the way on the construction of inter-provincial energy pipelines that will benefit the country as a whole.
Download Perrin Beatty - Industry Roadmap.pdf
“Collaborative Technology Development ‘Mission Critical’ For Oilsands Competitiveness” Article based on comments by Industry Roadmap speaker Gordon Lambert on the need for a collaborative approach to the development of the next low-energy oil sand extraction technology.
Download Gordon Lambert - Industry Roadmap.pdf
“Government Must Play A Role In Fulfilling The Ownership Goals And Aspirations Of Aboriginal Communities Living Along Pipeline Routes” Article based on comments by Industry Roadmap speakers Blaine Favel, Chris Bloomer and John Soini on the challenges facing inter-provincial pipeline projects in Canada, and the solutions they identify for the way forward.
Download Favel Bloomer Soini - Industry Roadmap.pdf

Radio Canada

“L’avenir de l’industrie pétrolière et gazière au pays” Radio segment featuring an interview with Industry Roadmap keynote speaker Marie-José Nadeau on the growing global demand for energy and the urgent need for Canada’s oil and gas industry to focus on innovation, cost reduction and environmental impact reduction and market access so that it can play its role in meeting global energy demand. (Radio – in French)
Listen here
Note: The segment starts at “16h50”. Scroll to the section titled “L’avenir de l’industry pétrolière et gazière au pays” above the play bar.






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